1972  Elf (ELF)
1974  The Butterfly Ball... (ROGER GLOVER)
1974  Carolina County Ball (ELF)
1975  Trying To Burn The Sun (ELF)
1975  Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow (R.BLACKMORE)
1978  Elements (ROGER GLOVER)
1982  Circumstantial Evidence (EDDIE HARDIN)
 1990  Indulge (A'LA ROCK)
1999  Live At The Albert Hall (DEEP PURPLE)
2002  Snapshot (ROGER GLOVER)
2003  Rarities 1975-77 (IAN GILLAN BAND)
 2006  Butterfly Ball (ROGER GLOVER) (dvd)
2006  Gillan's Inn (IAN GILLAN)
 2011  If Life Was Easy (ROGER GLOVER)
 2011  And Before Elf...There Were Elves (THE ELVES)
2013  Pet Wounds (ep)(STEAMING PILE OF MICK)